Hitchhikers Museum


I got the idea to open a Hitchhiking Museum when my Hitchhiking Tales from European Roads book was published in 2014. So I thus looked for premises in my hometown Kanal ob Soči, where I could sell my book and also put items from my many trips on display. As I have been keeping almost all the interesting things that I have brought home since my first trip, many items could be put on display. I was thus provided with premises next to the well-known Kanal bridge and easily managed to fill all the displays and give life to my museum.

Most items and collections on display could be said to be brought home by all travellers. My exhibition is actually a traveller’s collection with a hitchhiking air. As hitchhiking is only a travelling method. For this reason, you can find my notebooks with European destinations, signposts from roads and crossings (titles of chapters in the book), beer mugs and cardboard mats, a large collection of ice cream spoons, badges, table tennis balls, dolls dressed in their national dresses, many football scarves, concert, sports competition and museum tickets. You can also admire mascots from major sports competitions, flags, plates, miniature ships, coffee sugar bags, colourful city transport passes, ferry passes, all in all, you can experience Europe on a small scale.

You can also see a few maps with my record-holding travels, a hotel with 1000 stars and plenty of games that make the museum particularly charming. You can have a go with your friends in the knowledge of European flags, capital cities, population, national borders, anagrams, and can also test your eyes by looking for specific letters or patterns among the displayed objects. The game, in which you test your knowledge in the hops-based drink, is one of the most popular ones. You need to match 30 cans of beer with their “home countries”.

In addition, you also get to chat with me throughout your visit and exchange experiences from travelling around the world, while small children get to play with miniature cards in the “Small Hitchhiker’s Corner”. There is something for everyone!

4260 Bled, cesta svobode 1 (near main bus station), Slovenia, Europe 


– adults … 3,00 eur
– children … (7-15 years) 1,50 eur
– pre-school children … free
– students … 2,50 eur
– groups (10+) … 2,50 eur

Opening hours (open from May to October):
– every day 10.00 – 20.00
– Sunday 10.00 – 17.00
– Monday – closed