Hitchhiking Tales from European Roads


I was often asked if I was planning on writing a book about my many travels along the Old Continent, but I always said no. “I am not going to sell my adventures and friends!”

But then this is exactly what happened. Since 2010, ever since I decided to raise my thumb after a few years and travelled again, I experienced some fascinating stories that needed to be put on paper. Throughout my travels, I have never kept a journal, as I have been always after kilometres, new countries and other records, but both the people and adventures have stayed in my heart. I have shared interesting stories with my drivers through my long journeys, while they expanded my horizons and enriched my knowledge with what happened to them. And this is how, a few years ago, I started to write stories (I ended up writing 47 of them). Just like that and it was hard to stop.

The 266-page book that contains 130 colour and b/w photos, is dedicated mostly to the people that I have met, all the things that happened to me while waiting on sunny and winter journeys, and the stories that happened when I reached my desired destinations. In-between the lines, you can often read about extremely funny situations, although I prefer to make fun of myself than of another person’s misery. The book describes a few unforgettable moments that a few people could be envious of as well as a few incidents where nobody else would want to be in my shoes. You, of course, from time to time, meet an unpredictable driver, experience a wild ride or even come across a gun, but, in the end, everything is as it should be and a tumultuous journey ends up a pleasant memory.

Many people will be able to relate to my stories, as things that have happened to me can happen to any traveller. And if you have been on more than 200 trips like me, then there are of course just as many peculiar events and meetings.

The famous Slovenian singer-songwriter Vlado Kreslin also likes my book. This is how he concluded his words that accompany it:
“When I read his book, I regret all those roads I did not hitchhike but his writing is so vivid that perhaps I was even travelling with him myself.”